The Miracle Of A World At Peace Is Performed By Reflecting Peace Within Yourself First

September 8th, 2017

By the time I finish composing this article I am going to need to find inner peace myself. Writing is a journey that sometimes, like life, is discouraging.

The profession of writing can be seen as a parallel to life by having its struggles, stressful moments, and even hours or days on end, and sometimes heartache from effort on individuals, while many times seeing nothing in return.

If you’re thinking about that last remark, let me add another one.

Writers are gifted individuals and the rewards of the miracle are there, but like whatever else, they arrive at a sluggish pace.

Inner peace resembles writing; given that you work, work, and more work, but like the miracle, effortlessly because like we writers loving it so much, and the rewards of your quietness seem miles away.

But it is closer to you than you may think!

Do you want inner peace?

Sure, we all want inner peace, or at least almost all people do. How do you achieve inner peace?

Do you have the ability to utilize your mind over matter for the miracle by managing your psyche?

If not then you must live, learn, read, and practice in order to reach your assurance that the miracle is in you. Exactly what are you doing to accomplish your own inner peace?

If we don’t find it within first, we can not have world peace.

Here’s what I mean:

Do you rush through each day browsing by and overlooking the power of your subconscious mind to find answers to your questions, yet fail to see the answers since you hesitate to satisfy your subconscious mind?

Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Up until you discover truth, you will not discover inner peace. Despite exactly what you’ve heard and learned throughout your lifetime the fact about the miracle as being of your reality is somewhere within you.

Even if you do not have the whole fact, you have more than you believe. We are all born with the gift of inner peace.

Regardless of race or religion, hence, it is the responsibility of individuals of all natures residing in the world of havoc to return to peace and in union.

Peace in true definition is a tranquility of the mind.

The Miracle

It is up to you to quiet the conflict that goes on between the feelings, subconscious, and mindful mind, when the mind needs to be still.

The subconscious mind has peaceful gifts waiting for you, and it is up to you to bring these miracles forward. As soon as you reach your subconscious, you will be shocked exactly what you will find.

To bring forward the miracle within you, it takes, willingness, readiness, and the power of taking acting to find your inner freedom and peace of mind, and reflect it into your outer world.

Quietness of the mind means there is no area for suffering, discomfort, and once obtained will go to lengths to remain still and calm and not bothered by the chaos of the outer world.

During your time searching for inner peace, you will need to discover the best ways to free the mind.

Freeing the Mind

Liberating the mind indicates, you are willing to give all your regrets, bias, embarrassment, untruths, unfavorable ideas, and other damaging thinking to your inner Guide–the Holy Spirit, and let go of the ego-based mind side of life in this world.

A Course in Miracles states, “Do not underestimate the appeal of the ego’s demonstrations to those who would listen.”

I hope that you are seeing from this article that inner peace is everything, and like you, I want my own inner peace to be reflected to my outer world.

When you invest time trying to control others you are burning up energy that could be utilized to discover and conserve your own inner peace.

Asking questions within will brighten your light.

Finding inner peace implies that you need to learn how to interact with self. As soon as you discover the strategies of communication, or the imagination of interaction you will have the tool you need to move along without stumbling along the way.

True Reality

I hope you are thinking about what I ‘d said in the last couple of words of the sentence and brighten your inner light.

If perhaps you are concerned that you’re going to have confusion along the way to discovering inner peace, just stop right here, and read this short article again.

Until you discover the Light of true reality, you will not discover inner peace.

A Course in Miracles asks us to contemplate this question: “Would you join in the crucifixion or the resurrection?”

I hope that you have discovered from this article, considering that peace is everything, and like you, I, too, want inner peace for the world.

Finding inner peace indicates that you should learn to communicate with self, first, from deep within.

To a peaceful world!

Alternatives To The Politics Of HATE

September 8th, 2017

Some of us, have become so absorbed by the distractions and negativity of recent – day politics, politicians and elected officials, we have forgotten, or become too apathetic and/ or lazy, to seek a better way! However, despite what President Donald Trump, or his core followers, appear to believe, and certainly abide by, hatred, bigotry, racism, and the blame and complain mindset, are the poorer, less focused, less – inclusive approach! Doesn’t it make sense, since America was founded on, and consistently has claimed a higher moral and ethical standard, based on essential freedoms, there should be, no acceptance of biased, un – American concepts, which treat individuals differently, based on factors, such as race, creed, ethnicity, and/ or religion, etc. Jealous people might make themselves feel better, and superior, by discriminating against others, and blaming them, for anything less than ideal, we need elected officials, who resist the simpler, uglier approach, and take the far less – traveled path, using the superior alternatives to the politics of HATE. This article will briefly discuss why this is so important/ essential, using the mnemonic approach.

1. Healing; humane; hearing; head/ heart; honesty: Rather than hating atockiothers, and polarizing constituencies, by stoking the fires of hatred and bigotry, our elected officials should seek viable solutions, focused on healing wounds, and bringing people together, for the common good! Doesn’t it make sense, a humane leader will attract like – minded followers? One must transform his hearing to effectively listening, and learning/ discovering/ understanding, constituents goals, needs, concerns, priorities and perceptions, and proceed forward, to address them, satisfactorily! By balancing one’s dependence on logic and emotion, and proceeding using a head/ heart balance, while maintaining honesty, one attracts followers, who want change, for the better!

2. Attitude; astute; attention; acquire: Today, more than ever, we need elected officials with a genuine, can – do, positive attitude, and a desire to do something significant, to address challenges, with viable solutions! This takes both acute and astute attention, and an understanding, it doesn’t take going negative, to merely get elected (rather than improve conditions)! Quality leaders continuously seek to acquire followers, by being positive, and solutions – oriented, and avoiding playing the blame, and complain, game!

3. Talk; treatment; timely; treat: There’s an enormous difference between empty rhetoric and mere talk, and the superior approach, which is to address challenges and obstacles, constructively, and in the interests of those one serves, rather than personal self – interest! Examine how one treats others, not only when they are observed, but consistently, and prioritizing positive, motivating, inclusive treatment, rather than the politics of hate! Never procrastinate, but take a stand, and demonstrate leadership, by proceeding in a well – considered, timely manner! Perhaps the easiest explanation might be to take the Golden Rule, seriously, and follow it, by treating others as you would want to be treated. Wouldn’t it be nice if elected officials had to follow the edict, Do unto others, as you would have others, do unto you?

4. Empathy; endear; excellence; effort: A tremendous challenge to quality leadership, is an unwillingness to listen to all constituents, not merely those, with your focus, approach, and/ or biases! Officials who possess true empathy, based on effective listening, and learning, will endear themselves, not merely because of the agenda, but based on the example, they set, which many others will emulate! The easier path of accepting mediocre approaches, and/ or remaining within one’s comfort zone, should be replaced with a definitive, consistent search for relevance and excellence! Seek an elected official who constantly exerts the level of effort, constituents and the nation, deserve!

Whether one agrees with a particular politician (from a political/ policy perspective), should be less important, than considering the quality of the life, one leads! Elect people who are ready, willing and able, to use the alternatives, to the politics of HATE!